'Restore the lost teachings of past sages, and build a peaceful world for all future generations.' - Ancient Chinese Saying

Chinese philosophy is embedded within the roots of history. Indeed, the timeless wisdom innate to Chinese philosophy can provide greater success in both professional and personal development. Our society integrates Chinese philosophy in the business world while developing a broad business network for students who aim to operate work in either Australia or China. Various activities offered by the club including workshops, panels, and the career expo are aiming to carve students' enthusiasm towards their future endeavours. 

Chinese Philosophy in Business is the only business and professional development oriented club centered on international students at the University of Melbourne, while being completely open to domestic students as well.  The club has over 2000 life-long members and is committed to keep raising our influences in Melbourne.

Our Mission:

  • To provide a broad business networking platform for students who are ambitious to start their own business
  • To give all students equal access and information to employment opportunities and events
  • To promote the application of the wisdom of Chinese transitional philosophy to the business world to enhance students' ethic and strategic foresight
  • To equip students with practical workforce skills and a global mindset

Our Values: (ZHRSS)

  • Zen
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Specialty
  • Sincerity



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